Comprehensive and Affordable Private Security, Bastrop, TX

Vigilant Private Security is one of Southern Texas’s premier private security contractors, providing professional security guard services at economical prices to the Bastrop area and other cities around the greater Austin metroplex. Since our management team has more than 60 years of combined experience working in the security industry, we are able to create effective security strategies for each of our unique clients’ needs. We also have the staffing and support to provide 24-hour security that can include any or all of the following: mobile patrols (foot, bike, golf cart, and marked vehicle), event security, standing guards (armed or unarmed), emergency response, alarm monitoring and response, fire watch, lock up and alarm, parking enforcement, logistics, and more. As a licensed private patrol operator, we are authorized to provide a full range of security services anywhere in Bastrop. Additionally, we can install wireless surveillance equipment as a licensed C7 contractor. We are licensed, bonded, and insured; and members of CALSAGA (Texas Association of Licensed Security Agencies, Guards and Associates), Chamber of Commerce, and the BBB (Better Business Bureau).

Customized Private Security, Bastrop, TX

In order to provide our Bastrop clients with the security services that they require and can afford, Vigilant Private Security invests a significant amount of time and effort to developing a thoughtful security plan. Security plans allow us to serve the needs of a wide variety of clients, such as retail stores, homeowner associations, schools, industrial/manufacturing facilities, distribution centers, film production locations, transportation companies, private events , hotels, hospitals, and construction sites. Each of our clients in Bastrop receives an innovative plan that is tailored for their unique security goals and circumstances. Call today for a free consultation. As part of our consultation, we will provide you with a low-cost quote, that can meet or beat any competitor’s rates. Since we provide our services on a trial basis, you can also experience the quality of our services before you decide to commit to a contract.

Vigilant Private Security: Bastrop, Texas’s Best Source for Reliable & Professionally Trained Security Guards

Vigilant Private Security puts great thought into all of our Bastrop accounts, from custom-designed security plans to determining the best guard for your post. We consider the appearance, personality, expertise, and experience when deciding which assignments our guards are best suited for. All of our guards are thoroughly trained in all critical aspects of private security: compelling obedience, observe and report, post orders, power to arrest, communications, public relations, terrorism and WMD awareness, patrols, and emergency response. They also receive ongoing education to keep them current on the industry’s best practices, or to expand their ability to serve our clients’ needs, such as industry-specific security and training to receive CPR/first certification or a firearm permit.

Reliable & Trustworthy Security Officers to Secure Your Bastrop Business at the End of the Day

Guardian National Service provides professional lock up and alarm services to secure any building, retail store, office, construction site, or facility in Bastrop. Our guards are licensed and trained to do a walkthrough of your premises, ensure that everyone has left, check that all access points are securely locked, and properly set your alarm. This service is affordably priced and effective at ensuring that your property is completely secure at the end of each day.

Bastrop Fire Watch Services by Dedicated Private Security Guards

Texas’s Fire Code requires that you designate a person whose only responsibility will be to watch for fires and be prepared to contact the fire department, if your sprinkler system or fire alarms are out of service while your building is occupied. Our dedicated and affordable fire watch services are ideal for any high occupancy building in Bastrop. We have trained our guards to patrol designated areas and identify early signs of fire or hazardous material emergencies. In the event of a fire, they will contact the fire department as well as assist with your company’s evacuation procedures.

Private Event Security in Bastrop for Dinners, Fundraisers, Parties, and Commemorative Events

Our guards are trained to provide the expert private security you would need to create a safe and welcoming environment at your Bastrop event. Our event security services can include ticket taking, crowd management, event access control, parking enforcement, evacuation planning, traffic directing, bags and belonging search, lost children management, fire watch, door supervision, and mobile patrols. Give us a call to start creating a security plan for your event in Bastrop today.

Vigilant Private Security- Bastrop, Texas (TX)